Please consider donating to the Masjid, even a small monthly or one-time donation will be greatly appreciated and will go along way. As for those of you already enrolled in automatic monthly donation, consider increasing the amount you are currently giving.  Allah (SWT) loves actions that are consistent, no matter how small. Your donation is tax deductible and inshaAllah it will help to maintain the house of Allah in this world and a house for you in the hereafter. If you would like to make monthly contributions from your checking account, you can fill out the direct withdrawal form and mail it to the Masjid or drop it off at the Masjid.

Prayer Times (Iqama)

Fajr6:30 AM
Jumma12:15 PM (Khutba Starts)
Zohar12:30 PM
Asar3:00 PM
Maghrib5 Mins after sunset
Isha7:00 PM


5 Daily Prayers

Jumma prayer

Quran Tajweed Classes

Community Activities

Daily Hadith reading after Isha Prayer

Judo training for kids